Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Digital Photography Website Swicki

What's a Swicki? Swickis are a cross between search engines and Wikipedia. It's a search engine in which the community can add to, or delete search results, vote postings and search results up or down to improve the search results over time. Basically it's a a search engine that automatically learns from your community's search behavior, that can be improved by submitting relevant community posts.

We have spent considerable time training the Digital Photography Website Swicki to provide superior search results. Try it, you'll like it! Look in the right sidebar of the blog for the "HOT SEARCHES" buzzcloud below my profile. Use the community powered search to enter your photo related search term, or click on a tag in the HOT SEARCHES buzzcloud.

Compare the Swicki search results to other popular search engines for digital photography related searches. The targeted always improving search results achieved by our community are more focused and very accurate. You can bookmark the Digital Photography Website Swicki for future photography searches.

Join our community! Have a relevant photography website, blog, forum or Squidoo etc.? Add it to our Swicki search results. To make a Swicki Post: click on an interesting subject in the Photography Swicki "HOT SEARCHES' Buzz cloud. Then, look for "Make a contribution to this Swicki" in the upper left hand corner at the Swicki and click on "Write your own result". Now create a nice Swicki Post to support, compliment and provide a valuable one way inbound link to your photography website, blog, forum etc. for targeted web traffic.

For best results, I suggest you click on"write a full post that includes tags images and video"at the Swicki Post area and build an entirely new cool web page at your new Digital Photography Swicki post specifically to pre-sell visitors your product.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Photography Directory

We are proud to introduce our new Digital Photography Website Online Directory. The directory already has a great selection of photography related links. We have been quietly approving sites for a couple of months and have selected only the best sites for inclusion to the new online photography directory. There are already a lot of great galleries and resources listed. Do you have a photography related website? Submit your site to the directory and if it's a worthy photography related site, we'll add the URL link and description to an appropriate category in the directory. We'll send some web traffic your way.

Are you interested in building your own online directory? We have the perfect hosted solution for you. It's a fully hosted online directory that allows you to make your own website. Build a valuable resource directory for your particular niche and accept or reject submissions. Read more about creating your own online directory.