Friday, December 14, 2007

Kids Digital Cameras

The new digital cameras for kids are a big hit with children and parents! Kids love to capture the special moments that make up their day and parents cherish the moments they share with their child looking at the days pictures.

A couple of years ago when kids cameras first came out, the image quality was rather poor. Not knowing any better the kids loved the photos, but the parents were disappointed with the graininess or other issues. Manufacturers listened and started incorporating more mega pixels into the kids cameras along with other improvements.

Todays kids digital cameras like the KidiZoom by VTech and the Fisher-price Kid Tough digital cameras are fun, easy to use and shoot a good picture, but the features vary widely. You should compare kids camera features and specifications before you buy one. If it has under one mega pixel, pass on it in favor of a better one. Another important feature to look for is a back-up battery for the memory, so that when the batteries run out your child's pictures are not erased. A few new kids cameras even have memory card slots for extra image storage, just like regular cameras.

Photography is a great activity for kids and keeps them busy for hours doing something creative and it may be the start of a hobby or passion for years to come. nothing can help unlock the hidden talent of a child quite like a kids digital camera can. So it makes a wonderful gift for kids, since pictures are priceless they can create little treasures to be enjoyed for years to come!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Personalized Visa Photo Gift Card

I just ran across a unique photo gift idea just in time for Christmas. It's a Visa gift card with your own photo on the front of the card. Thanks to The Gift Card Lab, now you can make your own personalized Visa gift card customized especially for the recipient with an embossed message. Visa photo gift card are available in denominations from $10-$250 and are accepted everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. You know how gift cards are, they're easy and everybody likes to receive them, but in a small way, they also say I didn't spend much time thinking about you. The new personalized Visa Gift Card changes everything! They still like the flexibility of your gift and appreciate the thought it took to create a gift card. The card is only $5.95 please allow 5-10 days for delivery.

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